2 lbs. of Rich Unsearched NC Gold Paydirt, plus gold added!!!

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(1) 2 lb. bag of Rich Unsearched NC Gold Paydirt, plus gold added!!!________ Holiday Special: Buy 5 get 1 free! Buy 10 get 3 free!________
This particular paydirt includes fine gold & flakes mixed into this already rich 2 lbs. of 100% unsearched paydirt that always comes from the hole we are currently producing gold from. I always make sure to get the material from some of our more profitable dirt, it is then screened to 1/4 in. to classify out the larger rocks, this concentrates the gold bearing material while still allowing the chance to find decent size nuggets. You will find Fine Gold and Flakes in every bag, but Pickers are common and there is the occasional Nugget. The pictures of the gold will give you a good idea of the average size gold you will be finding. Have fun panning!________Tips:
I recommend panning this paydirt around 1 cup at time in a catch basin (any bin/container large enough to fit your pan in) This way you can go through your material a couple times so as to get all the fine gold that might have slipped out with the black sands. If you have never panned for gold before search “how to pan for gold”, “gold panning technique”, or “gold panning” on youtube to view instructional videos._______ Be sure to view all our other Gold Paydirt & Gold Concentrate options. Over 25 different Paydirt options to choose from!Paydirt

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